Lou Reed: “Rock and Roll Heart”

1999 Winner of Grammy Award for Best Long Form Music Video.

Lou Reed: Rock and Roll Heart traces the life and career of the legendary singer-songwriter Lou Reed, from 1965, through college, the Velvet Underground, and into his solo career. Filmed in Greenfield-Sanders’ intimate portrait style, the film also includes 1990s poetry readings and footage from Reed’s theater collaboration, “Time Rocker”, with Robert Wilson. Remarkable concert footage is intercut with over two-dozen interview subjects. With a transfer from video to 16mm, this film mixes black-and-white and color.

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’ friendship with Reed started in 1992 at a photo shoot. This shoot led to an album cover collaboration, and soon thereafter, Reed permitted Greenfield-Sanders to film behind-the-scenes footage. With 50 hours of footage, Greenfield-Sanders sought advice from American Masters’ founder, Susan Lacy. Lacy immediately said, “Lou Reed is an American Master. We’ve never done a rock and roll musician. Would you like to direct it?”

Lou Reed: Rock and Roll Heart premiered at the 1998 Sundance Film Festival in the U. S. and at the Berlin Film Festival in Germany. The film continued on to over 50 festivals worldwide.

Produced / Directed / Filmed by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

Senior Researcher: Karin Greenfield-Sanders

Editor: Jed Parker:

Co-producer: Karen Bernstein

Executive Producer for American Masters: Susan Lacy

Starring: Lou Reed, David Bowie, David Byrne, Mary Woronov, Holly Woodlawn, Joe Dallesandro, Tony Thunder Smith, Suzanne Vega, Dave Stewart, Fernando Saunders, John Rockwell, Lisa Robinson, Mike Rathke, Patti Smith, Kirk Varnedoe, Maureen Tucker, Thurston Moore, Vaclav Havel, Lee Renaldo, Gerard Melanga, Jonas Mekas, Bob Ludwig, David Fricke, Bob Ezrin, Ronnie Cutrone, John Cale, and Billy Name.