Face To Face

FACE TO FACE Timothy Greenfield-Sanders Selected Portraits 1977-2005

Published by Skira in 2005

Edited by Demetrio Paparoni and Gianni Mercurio

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FACE TO FACE is a selection of 215 portraits taken by Greenfield-Sanders over the last 28 years. The new book includes a wide range of artists, actors, architects, film directors, musicians and porn stars, from Willem de Kooning, John Malkovich, Zaha Hadid, Martin Scorcese, Lou Reed and Briana Banks to name a few.

“Face To Face” highlights the diversity of subjects who have sat, over the years, in front of Timothy’s large format view camera. With an introduction by famed Italian artist Mimmo Paladino, “Face To Face” also includes four remarkable essays. Demetrio Paparoni examines Greenfield-Sanders’ work from a European perspective. Gianni Mercurio updates the reader with an insightful take on TG-S’ new XXX series. Italian national treasure, writer Fernanda Pivano, highlights the poets and literary figures, photographed by Greenfield-Sanders, with whom she herself was acquainted…Allen Ginsburg to Gregory Corso to William Burroughs to name a few. World renowned art critic Arturo Schwarz focuses on Greenfield-Sanders’ humanistic approach to portraiture.