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Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox are lending their voices to a cause near to them.

In an exclusive First Look at HBO’s The Trans List, the I Am Cait star asks, “What is this thing, female? It’s more than hair and makeup.”

e Trans List, directed by portrait photographer and lmmaker Timothy Green eld-Sanders, explores the expe- riences of Americans who identify as transgender. e documentary will highlight a diverse group of individuals to tell their stories in their own words, addressing identity, family, career, love, struggle and accomplishment.

“A light goes o and you just feel, nally I know what I need to do to feel complete and be happy,” another trans- gender woman says.

As a number of transgender individuals proceed to brie y tell their stories in the trailer, Cox concludes the clip by saying, “We live in a world that tells so many people that they’re not enough. I’m here to tell you that you are.”

is isn’t the rst time that Jenner and Cox have spoken out on transgender equality. Earlier this year, the Orange Is the New Black star shared a special message with her fans at the Golden Globe Awards.

“I want to do a shout-out to everybody out there who’s watching who feel like your lives might … you’re strug- gling with feeling like you’re enough, like your lives are treated like they don’t matter,” she said. “Your lives mat- ter, your voices matter, your stories matter.”

ough Cox, 32, views her fame as a platform to advocate for the trans community, she has admitted in the past that the role can be “overwhelming.”

“I’m an actress, yes, but I’m also a trans person who’s been consuming media culture my entire life and is really interested in telling trans stories in a di erent way,” she previously told Andy Cohen during his radio show Deep & Shallow with Andy Cohen on SiriusXM’s Radio Andy. “And I have a lot to say about that, and I’ve chosen to speak out about those things.”

As for Jenner, the 67-year-old former Olympian had anything but a quiet transition. Since coming out in 2015, Jenner has undoubtedly dedicated a great amount of time speaking on behalf of the LGBT community.

“Maybe this is the reason that God put me on this earth, to tell my story, to help other people because this is big- ger than anything,” Jenner said at the Chicago House fundraiser luncheon last year. “ e Olympics, it’s a game, we play the game, we win or lose. is story is about life.”

The Trans List premieres Dec. 5 at 8 p.m. ET on HBO.

Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox Appear in HBO’s The Trans List