Timothy’s portraits of injured soldiers are on display in Tokyo at MA2Gallery from April 1 – April 30th, 2008.
According to the gallery director, the reaction has been quite powerful and emotional. Here are some of the comments from visitors to the exhibition.

“We Japanese tend to point out our pacifism because of our Hiroshima experience”.

“This is America’s war. They went to war in total disregard of the United Nations and many of their men and women have paid dearly”.

“I am interested in Timothy’s work. I have no comment about the Iraq war”.

“We need to see these photos. We don’t think about the war or talk about it usually”.

“We have not seen these injured soldiers around us, we just can’t think about this as ourselves. It seems to be some far-off country”.

“First I thought these portraits might be changed by Photoshop. Then I realized they are real injured solders. I was shocked because they are the same age as me”.
ma2-2.jpg: MA2 Gallery, Tokyo