A Day at Dia What: The Dia:Beacon’s spring benefit, which included a performance by the Merce Cunningham Dance Company.

Where: About an hour and 15 minutes outside Manhattan in Beacon, New York.

Who: The Merce Cunningham dance troupe (and the world famous, 90-year-old choreographer himself), along with James Franco, Martha Stewart, Björk and artist Matthew Barney (along with their little daughter), Robert Soros, designers Elise Overland and Phillip Lim (who pointed out that one of the women was wearing Thakoon for Target), artists Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Julian Lethbridge, Keith Sonnier and Hope Atherton, “It” girl Stephanie LaCava, Guggenheim director Richard Armstrong, and Dia director Philippe Vergne. Why: Because the annual event, which draws a sophisticated art-world crowd and raises money for the museum, marked the end of the Dia’s two-year collaboration with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company.

Talking Point: Martha Stewart. The domestic goddess, who was in talks to decorate the lunch tables (her schedule ultimately didn’t allow for it), rolled up in a Range Rover sans her usual entourage (unless you count her two dogs as her guests).