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Vintage supermodel Pat Cleveland, who walked the runways for Valentino, Oscar de la Renta, Yves Saint Laurent, Halston and Christian Dior, has a pretty good idea why Gisele Bundchen is the top model in the world today.

“She’s a gorgeous girl!” Cleveland said.

The ’60s catwalker is featured in a new documentary, “About Face: Supermodels Then and Now,” which screened at the Provincetown International Film Festival over the weekend and will debut July 30 on HBO.

But a pretty face will only get you so far, and “About Face” producer Chad Thompson said making the leap from model to supermodel takes brains more than beauty.

“The supermodels transcend,” he said. “With the traditional model, they may last three, four, five years, but Gisele really has made a name for herself. … She’s transitioned her name into a brand, and her name carries a lot of influence. If you see this film, you see how smart these women are. They have such a body of knowledge, such depth, such smarts because they’ve survived in such a tough industry.”

Cleveland said Mrs. Tom Brady [stats] also had a bit of luck. She came on the scene right when fashion designers started to become obsessed with models from Brazil.

“It was a new pastel color in the box,” she said. “The designers always like to pick a new Crayola.”

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