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September 16, 2008
Ovation TV
8PM, 11 PM

In this Ovation TV original special, acclaimed photographers Albert Maysles, Sylvia Plachy, Andrew Moore and Timothy Greenfield-Sanders discuss the impact their work has on their lives and on culture as a whole.


The Black List: Philadelphia

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"The Black List": Time Warner Premiere


"The Black List": Time Warner premiere.
August 12, 2008.
Guests included Rev. Al Sharpton,
Faye Wattleton, Bill T. Jones,
Alan Cumming, Marian Seldes,
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar,
Albert Maysles, and Karen Finley.

Wire Image Photos of party.

Wynn, Gates, Buffett


Recently, Timothy photographed
Steve Wynn on the 20x24 Polaroid
camera in Las Vegas.
Wynn brought Bill Gates and
Warren Buffett to have
their portraits taken...

Yves Saint Laurent


I first met Yves Saint Laurent on
Novermber 1, 1977 at a party
he gave for his new collection.
Andy Warhol was there too.
Twenty-two years later,
Yves Saint Laurent sat for me
after my friend Fern Mallis
urged him to.
We had a wonderful afternoon...
my daughter Isca acted as our
interpretor, as
her French was better than mine.

Rules of Engagement

Marcia E. Vetrocq

Art in America, June/July 2008, 168-175, 208-209

hortly before the conclusion of Shattered Glass, the 2003 film that recounts the downfall of a hot
young journalist at the New Republic who was found to have fabricated the better part of his
reputation-building features, the magazine’s anguished editor receives an assessment of how the
crisis might have been averted from his assistant. “You know what could have prevented all this,

Vetrocq, Marcia E.
Art In America
Publication Date: 
June 1, 2008

Robert Rauschenberg


Robert Rauschenberg, dead at 82....
This portrait of Timothy's was taken in 1987
for his exhibition of 20x24 color polaroids at
the Mary Boone Gallery.

Nicole Kidman at The Black List screening


By Janice Malone
Photos by Earl Flippen

Carlo Bilotti Museum Exhibition, Rome


Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’s photographic portraits hew to the demands of glamour while interjecting a sly, subversive edge. His sitters always look their best, despite an obviously crumpled shirt (Bill Murray) or a well-lit wrinkle (Tom Hanks), and never look stitched up or puppetlike. They are relaxed, always staring back with an unflinching gaze. Of course, the photographer’s task is helped by his raw material: A-list movie stars and other people well versed in the hidden language of the casual pose.

Turner, Jonathan
Publication Date: 
May 1, 2008

Finally Wed

April 23, 2008 -- BEST wishes to Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson. Having lived together since 1995, the downtown duo finally married in secret April 12 in Colorado. They celebrated in New York the other night with drinks and dessert at the East Village townhouse of Karin and Timothy Greenfield-Sanders. Guests included Julian and Olatz Schnabel, limbo king Mike Quashie, tai chi legend Master Ren, Hal Willner of "SNL," and Richard Belzer of "Law & Order."Beauregard Houston-Montgomery spent the night playing with Belzer's dog, Bebe, and the Reed-Anderson's dog, Lolabelle.

Johnson, Richard
New York Post
Publication Date: 
April 23, 2008