Edward Kennedy, RIP


I photographed Edward Kennedy twice, in D.C. on April 10th, 1990 and in Hyannis Port on October 23, 1998. Both shoots with him were thrilling.


Merce Cunningham, RIP


I photographed Merce Cunningham for the first time, on July 3rd, 1989. My friend Bill Katz had asked me to shoot Merce, John Cage and Jasper Johns, together, for the catalogue of Anthony d'Offay's upcoming exhibition of "Dancers on a Plane".

It was a wonderful day. John Cage made us laugh, Jasper seemed delighted to see his old friends and Merce was full of life, still excited about new dances.

Merce Cunningham's obit in the Times is worth reading.

What a life.



Michael Jackson, RIP


I took this of Michael Jackson in 1978 at the Grammys. It's sad how it all ended.



Huffington, Youssou N'Dour

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 This is the second installment of an original portrait series I'm doing for the Huffington Post. The first was Sandra Bernhard. For more information about my work, visit

Huffington, Sandra Bernhard


This is the debut of my new portrait series on the Huffington Post. Here you will find original portraits of iconic personalities, every few weeks, time permitting. For more about my work, please visit

Sandra Bernhard first sat for me in July of 1989, for a Barney's celebrity men's clothing campaign. Neil Kraft art directed, Douglas Lloyd was his associate, and Glenn O'Brien wrote the copy. All three went on to important careers.

Black List DVD at Target

the black list dvd at target.png

John Updike, RIP


Timothy took this of John Updike about ten years ago. RIP



Eartha Kitt


I first heard Eartha Kitt sing "Monotonous" on the cast album of "New Faces of 1952." Years later, on August 10th, 2005 she visited my studio for a portrait. We had tea in the kitchen and discussed Vietnam, LBJ, her efforts to stop that war and how her career suffered as a result. RIP.



Legendary musician Odetta died at age 77.

Timothy photographed her on February 6, 2003

in a makeshift studio in the lobby of Radio City Music Hall.


A Powerful Reminder


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EDITORIAL: A Powerful Reminder
Thursday, November 27, 2008