A Moving Portrait

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’ rise as a portrait artist took time and an innate sensitivity towards his subjects. His works reside in museums around the world from The Museum of Modern Art in New York to The National Portrait Gallery in London. He’s taken his unique portrait style and parlayed it into a documentary film esthetic and won numerous awards including a Grammy Award for his documentary, “Lou Reed: Rock and Roll Heart”.

The Latino List

Powerful portraits of politicians, musicians, actors and other well-known personalities including a model and a professional golfer are the subject of “TIMOTHY GREENFIELD-SANDERS: THE LATINO LIST,” an exhibition that opens Friday at the Brooklyn Museum. In addition to large-format color photographs, the show will include excerpts from a documentary, also called “The Latino List,” which is scheduled to be shown Sept. 29 on HBO.

The Latino List

Installed in this venerable museum’s Great Hall are 25 large-format pigmented ink-jet prints, collectively titled “The Latino List.” Timothy Greenfield-Sanders is recognized for his frontal photographic portraits of prominent figures, including supermodels and porn stars, as well as for films, such as his documentary on the musician Lou Reed. He also shoots for Vanity Fair. For this thoughtful exhibition, Greenfield-Sanders photographed successful Latino men and women from the torso up and set them against seamless gray backgrounds.


National Portrait Gallery

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Historically, “blacklist” denotes a group of people marginalized and denied work or social approval. In an effort to redefine the term, these portraits of 50 African Americans reclaim the term “blacklist” to be affirming, influential and powerful.

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

by Kris Wilton  

Published: November 25, 2008

Film led Timothy Greenfield-Sanders to portrait photography; now he’s bringing his photography to film.

Daily Grito » HBO’s Latino List Succeeds Where Others Have Failed


Daily Grito » HBO’s Latino List Succeeds Where Others Have Failed

by Matthew Stieglitz - October 18, 2011



Lou Reed and Metallica


Fantastic new album from Lou Reed and Metallica... Lulu

Surreal Versus Surrealism


Demetrio Paparoni and Gianni Mercurio's brilliant show in Valencia, Spain includes Timothy's portrait "John Jones".

Read more about the show here...

Surreal versus Surrealism in Contemporary Art

Curated by Gianni Mercurio & Demetrio Paparoni IVAM, Valencia, 29th September – 11th December 2011

HBO documentary shines light on Latino stars

 LAURA WIDES-MUNOZ, Associated Press 

MIAMI – Some leading Hispanic actors on mainstream TV include Sofia Vergara's wacky trophy wife on Modern Family; the conniving Eva Longoria of Desperate Housewives; and supporting actors such as Adam Rodriguez who plays a fingerprint and underwater recovery expert on CSI Miami. 

After that, the list thins considerably.