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Daily Dish Cameras can be tools for peace. Mickey Rourke and Oliver Stone got into a heated argument the other night at L.A.'s Berman/Turner Gallery - that is, until they realized someone was filming them. Hoping to head off an item like this, the veteran bad boys found a photographer to shoot them smiling and shaking hands. Also trying to behave at the exhibit (sponsored by The Erotic Network) of Timothy Greenfield-Sanders' "XXX: 30 Porn-Star Portraits" were Gore Vidal, Kelly Lynch, Owen Wilson and hard-core hardbodies like Tera Patrick, Nina Hartley and Sean Michaels ...

Egghead Pornography

IN a perfect blend of high and low culture, novelist Gore Vidal came to the opening of "XXX: 30 Porn-Star Portraits," an exhibition of Timothy Greenfield-Sanders' photos the other night in Santa Monica, Calif. "It was the hottest ticket in town. The gallery finally had to close the guest list. It was getting out of control," says our source. "Nothing like porn to bring out the best in people."
Gore Vidal

Porno Statt Political Correctness

Focus Magazine, Germany 3/5/2005 In Zeiten, wo Bush regiert und Amerika wieder an den lieben Gott glauben soll, provoziert Fotograf Timothy Greenfield-Sanders mit seinem Projekt „XXX 30 Porn-Star Portraits“. Der New Yorker Künstler, bekannt für seine Porträts von Politikern, Stars und Künstlern, hat 30 Prominente aus der Porno-Szene abgelichtet. In einem Land, wo Janet Jacksons bloß gelegte Brustwarze (absichtlich?) während der Superbowl-Übertragung zu einem Aufschrei der Prüden führte, zeigt Greenfield-Sanders ungeschminkt

The Elegant Portraiture of Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

The Elegant Portraiture of Timothy Greenfield-Sanders Lynne Eodice, March, 2005 All Photos (c)Timothy Greenfield-Sanders Simple yet revealing, his portraits are direct and get right to the heart of the subject. Timothy Greenfield-Sanders prefers to strip away pretentiousness when portraying political figures, entertainers, artists, musicians and other intriguing personalities. His backdrops never distract from the subject, and he often uses a single light source to mimic natural light. His work has elevated him to one of the most acclaimed portrait photographers of our time.

David Byrne

David Byrne Image
David Byrne riding his bike in New York


January 4, 2005

Life Among the Village People

Life Among the Village People Museums BY LANCE ESPLUND December 10, 2004 In 1985, I moved into a roach-infested East Village sublet on 3rd Street between Avenues B and C. Squatters and crackheads had taken over some of the abandoned, graffiti-covered buildings on the block, and heroin dealers, drug addicts, and prostitutes crowded my entryway. But, at $360 a month, I thought it was a steal.

XXX: Music from Thinking XXX

Harvard Independent - Arts Issue: 12/2/04 Sexy CD Review: XXX: Music from Thinking XXX By Shane Wilson Comics writer Warren Ellis has a theory about the future: it's porn. Flying cars, jetpacks, a global network of pneumatic tube exchange: all the technological quantum leaps promised to us by generations of popular mechanics have failed to materialize, while wholly unforeseen phenomena - bukkake, the ass milkshake, a global network of pneumatic boob exchange - have thrust and ground their way to the