Robert Rauschenberg


Robert Rauschenberg, dead at 82....
This portrait of Timothy's was taken in 1987
for his exhibition of 20x24 color polaroids at
the Mary Boone Gallery.

Nicole Kidman at The Black List screening


By Janice Malone
Photos by Earl Flippen

Carlo Bilotti Museum Exhibition, Rome

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’s photographic portraits hew to the demands of glamour while interjecting a sly, subversive edge. His sitters always look their best, despite an obviously crumpled shirt (Bill Murray) or a well-lit wrinkle (Tom Hanks), and never look stitched up or puppetlike. They are relaxed, always staring back with an unflinching gaze. Of course, the photographer’s task is helped by his raw material: A-list movie stars and other people well versed in the hidden language of the casual pose.


Finally Wed

April 23, 2008 -- BEST wishes to Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson. Having lived together since 1995, the downtown duo finally married in secret April 12 in Colorado. They celebrated in New York the other night with drinks and dessert at the East Village townhouse of Karin and Timothy Greenfield-Sanders. Guests included Julian and Olatz Schnabel, limbo king Mike Quashie, tai chi legend Master Ren, Hal Willner of "SNL," and Richard Belzer of "Law & Order."Beauregard Houston-Montgomery spent the night playing with Belzer's dog, Bebe, and the Reed-Anderson's dog, Lolabelle.

The Black List Project Schedule


Schedule of Events:

8/04/08: MFA, Houston exhibition opens with The Black List portraits.
8/25/08: The Black List film premieres on HBO.
9/16/08: The Black List book arrives in stores.

Past Festivals and events ....
1/17-27/08 Sundance Film Festival
3/08-14/08 SXSW, Austin, TX,
4/04/08 Full Frame, Durham, N.C
4/10-11/08 Sarasota Film Festival, Sarasota, Fl.
4/19/08 Nashville, TN
4/25/08 Hot Docs, Toronto, Canada
5/02/08 Maryland Film Festival, Baltimore, Timothy to attend.

The Medium Is The Message

The Photographer As Director
How the photo industry is learning to love the moving image.
By American Photo Staff 
March/April 2008


Soldiers at MA2 Gallery, Tokyo


Timothy's portraits of injured soldiers are on display in Tokyo at MA2Gallery from April 1 - April 30th, 2008.
According to the gallery director, the reaction has been quite powerful and emotional. Here are some of the comments from visitors to the exhibition.

"We Japanese tend to point out our pacifism because of our Hiroshima experience".

"This is America's war. They went to war in total disregard of the United Nations and many of their men and women have paid dearly".

"I am interested in Timothy's work. I have no comment about the Iraq war".

Samantha Power


In the news...Samantha Power.
Photographed by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders.

Variety Rave Review


Variety January 24, 2008
Sundance 2008
The Black List: Volume One (Documentary)

The Black List: Volume One

The Black List: Volume One


January 24, 2008

Sundance 2008

The Black List: Volume One (Documentary) 

By JUSTIN CHANG The Black List: Volume One