Billy Name, RIP


Billy Name is gone. 

Billy was a friend and a brilliant photographer. Without Billy's photography, there is no true understanding of the Warhol factory.

(c)Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, 1997

Muhammad Ali-RIP


One of my favorite shoots.

A remarkable man, with great humor and charm.



Whitney Museum


TGS portrait of

 Willem deKooning portrait, 1981

Whitney Museum

The Women's List

If there were a way to take a film and bottle it so it could be sipped quietly in moments of frustration, fatigue, failure or fear for a little dose of courage, calmness or confidence, I would want the elixir to be The Women’s List, which premieres on Friday, Sept. 25 on PBS’ American Masters (check local listings).

The Women's List Celebrates 15 Feminist Trailblazers


With an introduction written and read by Toni Morrison, "American Masters: The Women's List" is an engaging, beautifully shot oral history of 50 years of women's equality, told through 15 candid tableaus by the women who lived them. These women are feminism's starting lineup and its pinch hitters; those who became household names and those who quietly blazed a trail.

Pratt Legend Award


October 29th, 2015. Received the Pratt Legend Award, presented to me by Darren Aronofsky. Thank you Darren and thank you Pratt!

Photographer Profile - Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

Photography and filmmaking are related, certainly, but for Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, the two mediums are unusually and creatively e

Lawrence Fishbourne

The Women's List


Please watch Timothy's new film


Airing on PBS' American Masters

September 25th, 2015

9 PM (check local listings)

The Sensory War 1914-2014


Of all the exhibitions about conflict timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the First World War, few were as compelling or as dark as this one. The show examined the effect of modern warfare on the human mind and body through nearly 200 artworks—mostly paintings, but also some telling films—from 1914 to the pres- ent.